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Our Commitment to Ethical Production

Fair Compensation: Paying artisans fairly for their work is fundamental to our core ethos. Paying them above a living wage and per piece ensures that their compensation is directly tied to their productivity and effort. This allows artisans to have control over their earning potential, which is crucial for their financial stability and autonomy.
Flexible Work Arrangements: Artisans work from home which enables them to balance their work with family responsibilities. This flexibility not only enhances their quality of life but also ensures that they can continue their craft without undue stress or disruption to their familial duties.
Respect for Individual Needs: We partner with a local nonprofit organization to understand and address the changing needs of our artisan partners. Their well-being matters beyond just their productivity. 
Ethical production is an ongoing commitment that requires constant evaluation and improvement. Through regularly assessing the impact of production practices on artisans' well-being, as well as seeking feedback from both artisans and other stakeholders, we can help identify areas for improvement and ensure that ethical standards are upheld over time.