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Spencer Devine, founded in 2012 by designer Kristine Gottilla in Brooklyn, New York, initially began as a custom leather bag project in a Williamsburg storefront. Over the years, it has evolved organically. Since 2015, Spencer Devine has collaborated with NGOs in India to establish sustainable, fair trade livelihood initiatives that support women entrepreneurs in rural Assam.

One of Spencer Devine's flagship projects is the Assam Market Collection. This collection involves partnering with women living below the poverty line in Assam, India. Spencer Devine provides these artisans with sewing machines and training courses. The artisans then hand-construct bags using 100% recycled plastic materials. Once the bags are constructed, leather details are added in Brooklyn.

The Assam Market Collection not only provides sustainable livelihoods for the artisans involved but also empowers them to develop their own tailoring businesses. By offering opportunities for earning a living wage and gaining valuable work experience, Spencer Devine's project contributes to the economic empowerment of women in rural Assam.