Spencer Devine was founded in 2012 by designer, Kristine Gottilla in Brooklyn, New York. What started as a custom leather bag project in a Williamsburg storefront has transformed organically over the years. Since 2015, we have partnered with NGOs in India to develop sustainable, fair trade livelihood initiatives that support women entrepreneurs in rural Assam. Our most successful and beloved project is our Assam Market Collection. After donating sewing machines and training courses to women living below the poverty line, the artisans hand-construct bags made with 100% recycled plastic before we apply leather details in Brooklyn. This project offers our artisan partners the opportunity to earn a living wage and gain work experience as they grow their own tailoring businesses.


 How do we honor a high standard for ethical production? 

The artisans work in their homes. This allows them to be available to their families and more easily incorporate this work into their day.

They are paid per piece and work at their own pace which gives them control over their earning potential.

A local NPO helps us understand and address the artisans’ individual changing needs.


100% Recycled Plastic | 100% Living Wages

The Assam Market Collection represents our commitment to creating sustainable livelihoods under ethical conditions for the highly skilled network of artisans in Assam, India with whom we partner.